Cross Curriculum Ideas: Earth Day

Cleaning the beaches of Galveston
Cleaning the beaches of Galveston

In the State of Texas, home school parents and teachers are required to include citizenship in their curriculum. Citizenship includes; lessons about the three branches of government; individual responsibilities, such as voting; learning the Preamble to the Constitution, “We the people of the United States…”;  the Pledge of Allegiance; the Bill of Rights; and more. Another important element is teaching children to care for our beautiful Mother Earth. This year, the students and I grabbed trash bags and gloves and headed to the beach.

Students fulfilling their civic duty.
Students fulfilling their civic duty.

James and I used this opportunity to combine a super fun event with some serious learning. Weeks before our field trip, we created a recipe of cross curriculum that consisted of:

  • EARTH SCIENCE: the students studied renewable and non-renewable resources
  • GEOGRAPHY: the students studied land forms and water bodies and pinpointed the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Island.
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Each student researched global warming and wrote a report on the importance of recycling.
  • SOCIAL studies and VISUAL ARTS: Students watched a film titled, The Art of Gaman, which details the Japanese internment camps of WWII, and the exquisite art that the Japanese interns and student artists created from scraps of wood, sand, and trash.
    Earth Day 2015
    Earth Day 2015
    James chillin’ and guarding our supplies

    After spending several hours picking up beer bottles, soda cans, dirty diapers, and other yuck, students enjoyed a picnic on the beach and “splash and play” time.

    Play time: Earth Day 2015

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