Abilene Christian University: Home school admissions policy

Abilene Christian

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While considering future college and university options, parents and students should take a number of important factors into consideration including cost, course selections, location, and, of course, the school’s admission policies. Abilene Christian University (ACU), located in Abilene, Texas, touts a favorable admission policy for home schooled students. A quick glance at the university’s web site reveals, “If you come from a home-school background you may be looking for a university with an intimate learning environment, a campus community that feels more like a family and a culture that fosters authentic spiritual development. We believe you’ll find these things – a close-knit, Christ-centered atmosphere for your growth – at ACU.”

ACU offers merit based scholarships, which are often related to academic performance, class rank, and SAT/ACT scores,  but can also be given to a candidate displaying artistic or athletic excellence and even a combination of both. According to Scholarships.com, students [including home-schooled students] have a fair chance at winning scholarships if grades and test scores are high. Says the good folks at ACU, “For home-school students, we have a formula that translates your GPA into a traditional class rank. ACU will calculate class rank after a student has completed his/her admissions file. Students may increase their merit-based scholarships until May 1 of their enrolling year by testing higher on the SAT/ACT or resubmitting their senior transcripts.”

ACU offers transcript and credit tips and a free GPA calculator to help students calculate their high school GPA. According to ACU, “High school curriculum often comes from multiple sources. Your transcript should combine these sources into one document listing the courses you’ve taken (organized by academic year), the grade you earned in each course, and the number of credits assigned to each course. Your transcript should also state your high school GPA on a four-point scale (do not include work completed prior to high school).”

Dual credit is another option for home schooled students. Make sure all AP courses are listed on your hihj school transcript. If your home school curriculum was exceptionally rigorous, you may wish to earn credit by exam through the College level examination program.

TAMS and ED Homeschool offers AP and CLEP courses. By passing a CLEP test, you earn credit for an ACU course within the general education curriculum including math, science, social science, English, foreign language, etc.). CLEP tests are administered through ACU’s University Testing Center.

For more information bout TAMS and Ed Home school, visit us at www.tamsanded.com. We teach tolerance and diversity with hands-on and real-world activities, our home school is for students who thrive in smaller classroom settings. We teach. We challenge. They learn.   For our students, the world is their classroom.

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