Reading strategies: P.L.O.R.E.

Although P.L.O.R.E  (Predict, Locate, Organize, Read, and Evaluate) is introduced to students in the 2nd grade, I encourage my ACT/SAT students to employ these strategies as well. These strategies work for all reading levels.

P stands for PREDICT. 20150525_194208Read the title and predict what the text will be about. Jot down a few ideas.

20150525_194229 Next, LOCATE and circle key words, names, and dates. Underline significant ideas and important passages.


ORGANIZE  yourthoughts. Use the space space in the margins to jot down thoughts and ideas that you develop as you read.

NOTE Recently, one of my SAT students said that she is sure she would have scored much higher on the SAT reading had she been able to go back and quickly find the main ideas. She remembers skimming over them and regrets not writing key thoughts as she read.

20150525_194316 READ AND RE-READ the questions, the answer choices, and the text. Remember, several of the answers could be correct. You, however, are in search of the  best answer.

20150525_194244 Carefully EVALUATE your answers. Be able to justify your answer choices.

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