GeoFun for your geokids

From the backyard to the beach, summertime activities naturally pave the way for students from pre-K to high school to make some great geological discoveries.   

 Geology is the study of the earth’s physical structure including diamonds and gem stones, rocks and rock formations, fossils, volcanoes, minerals, the ocean floor, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. Because children are naturally drawn to mud pies and water, the younger they are when we introduce them to basic principles of geology, the better.  School supply stores have lots of resources for children as young as pre-K. However, my blogs focus on Free or low-cost resources that parents and students can use, so let’s take a look.

soil painting
Soil painting is an Indian art that uses the rich tones of the earth.

Stanford University hosts GeoKids, which is a program that is filled with opportunities for 1st and 2nd graders to explore various aspects of geology through fun and hands-on activities such as soil painting, volcano and lava games, or constructing fossils. Graduates from Stanford’s Earth Science Department oversee the program. Elementary students each receive a Geology Field Book,  just like the one that real geologists use, which includes such treasures as fossil identification, mineral types and colors, soil critters, and even a recipe for rock candy. has a wealth of Free resources for students in pre-K through high school.  Here’s is a snippet from the exhaustive list of great geological stuff including:

photograph of Niagara Falls partially frozen.

  • Anatomy of a Tsunami – a virtual look at how a tsunami forms plus survival tips from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
  • Adaptive Earth Science Activities this 80-page PDF is filled with experiments and labs for every grade level. A few fun activities include Rock Riddles, The Geologic History of insects, and Modeling Geologic Columnsgg Sand Art. 
  • NASA’s SciJinks, is filled with news you can use about hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and more. They have colorful games and interactive puzzles. These resources, mostly for middle schoolers  hurricane post cards, and a Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault.
San Andreas Fault

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