Panda Bear, what do you see? I see an adjective looking at me…


This week, my homeschoolers and I recreated the animals in the book, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? and used them to discuss nouns  (person, place, thing, or idea) and adjectives (word or words that modify a noun). 

Sea Lion
Sea Lion

The animals in the book are colorful and easy to trace. The students used googly eyes for the eyes, yarn for the whiskers, construction paper for the body parts, and crayons to color in the accents. As we made each animal, we identified the noun first. Afterwards, the kiddos identified the adjectives. They are as follows (adjective is in italics):


  • Panda bear 
  • bald eagle
  • water buffalo
  • spider monkey
  • green sea turtle
  • macaroni penguin
  • sea lion
  • red wolf
  • Whooping crane


  • black panther
  • dreaming child

To help them identify and remember the two parts of speech, the children wrote across the body of each animal. They wrote every adective in blue and every noun in black.

20150626_132702They strung their animals together and created a colorful window hanging.

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