Homeschool cooking: Sloppy Joes and Spaghetti

8-oz. mason jars are perfect for freezing single servings of just about anything from homemade applesauce to Mama’s spaghetti.  Moreover, they easily fit into lunch boxes.


Today, I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce. I plan to spread the love three ways: dinner for James and me tonight, sloppy Joes for the girls’ lunches tomorrow, and twelve jars of homemade spaghetti in the freezer. If thawed overnight, the jars take mere minutes to stir and heat. Add a fresh cut of salad greens and veggies, a couple of crackers, a fork, and Voila! Your child will enjoy a healthy lunch that beats a sandwich and potato chips any day.

Sloppy Joes for lunch tomorrow
Sloppy Joes for lunch tomorrow

A few nights ago, James and I had burgers for dinner. We have some buns left over, so I’m gonna serve the girls a hot meal of Sloppy Joes and buttered carrots.

As you can see, whether you’re packing lunch boxes or serving up a hot meal in your own kitchen,  with some simple pre planning, back-to-school meals can be healthy, hearty, and fun!

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